Type of Dubek

Semi-Oriental Dubek


Breeding method and year

Selection in population,
1973, from Crimean Dubek 44, resistant to blue mold

Plant form

Oval, plant height –
160-200 cm.

Number of Plants/ha

110,000 – 115,000

Number of leaves

28-32 technically ripe

Flower color

Light-pink, tidy flowers

Leaf form

Oval-ellipsoidal, medium
size, green color, leaf diameter ratio is 1.0 : 1.5

Agronomic characteristics

Resistant to drought,
medium-early, good yield (2.2 – 2.5 tons / Ha)

Technological and quality

Dry leaf has
light-greenish to yellow and/or orange color, good elasticity, medium burning
rate,  total alkaloids
(nicotine): 0.9-1.4 %,
reducing sugar: 14-18%, protein: 2.98-11.3%, Shmuck: 0.35-0.97 and smoothness:

Ecological areas

Grows on foothills in the
South of Kyrgyzstan, light and dark grey soils with 2.0 – 3.0% of humus and Ph 6.0-6.5

Semi-Oriental Dubek


Historical meteorological data

Average Relative humidity: 60%

Annual average rainfalls: 380 mm

Annual average temperature: 11 oC

Seedbed Preparation

The 1st week of March

Seed Sowing

The 2nd week of March

Seedling Transplantation

Late April – Late May


Tobacco field is irrigated 5-6 times

Leaf Harvesting

Beginning of July – End of September


Is done manually, leaf  by leaf
(through metal tobacco needle) to the jute string


Leaves are sun-cured in strings, on the frames

Storing of dry tobacco

6-7 strings are put in a big bundle “Gavanka
and stored under the shade

Farmer pre-grading & Baling

Gavankas” are taken to “Dimhanes
for conditioning of leaves before pre-grading and baling. That process begin
in October and finishes in January next year.