Business Overview














§  Contracting

§  Pre-financing Cash & Materials

§  Visits Guidance Control

§  Donations



§  Own Standards

§  Grading

§  Weighing

§  Pricing



§  Blending

§  DE-stringing

§  Pressing

§  Weighing

§  Labeling



§  Legal controls

§  Documentation

§  Shipment



  • Constant Leaf Tobacco signs contracts with tobacco farmers for tobacco purchases at the beginning of each crop year. CLT’s contract quantity target for 2017 is 1,000 tons.
  • A special software program is being prepared for traceability from seed to packed tobacco.
  • Data about farmer identity and contracts, advances, inspections and delivery results (grade, stalk position, NTRM..) are entered to the special software program.
  • A farmer observation form has been prepared and all data gathered from seedbed, field and storage period visits, which is related to agricultural, social and other issues, is recorded on farmer observation form and undersigned